Epsilon Net announces the establishment of Epsilon Net College

Epsilon Net is announcing the decision of the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religion Affairs to officially certify the establishment of Epsilon Net College“.

With the participation of Epsilon Net’s Finance & Accounting Science Team in the evaluation of credible University programs, Epsilon Net College will soon announce affiliations with renowned Universities for the operation of postgraduate studies in sought-after fields in the the labor market.

Epsilon Net Training, the business unit that operates the business of training for Epsilon Net, has been instrumental in implementing the company’s vision “to provide businesses with unlimited access to scientific information and knowledge, nationally and internationally, by fully utilizing the capabilities of state-of-the-art technology”.

For the past 20 years, Epsilon Net Training has been providing high caliber educational services and specialized seminars on subjects relative to economics and taxation, as well as labor legislation. Our students already hold Bachelor’s Degree in majors such as Economics or Finance and seek for additional knowledge through specialized seminars on Costing, Financial Management, Taxation Law, International Accounting Standards and Labor Law. The specialized seminars, conferences and all certified professional degrees designed over these 20 years, aim at keeping the executives up-to-speed in terms of knowledge within their line of work and guiding young professionals towards productive and successful careers in the field.