Announcement for the information of the investment public

EPSILON NET S.A. announces for the information of the investment public that the company MARFIN INVESTMENT GROUP HOLDINGS S.A.” (“MIG”) announced today that in the context of the valuation process of the expressions of interest for the purchase of its participation in the company “SINGULAR LOGIC Information Technology Systems and Software Applications S.A.” (“SINGULAR LOGIC”) and with “EUROXX Securities S.A.” acting as its Financial Adviser, will from now on enter into discussions with the investment scheme of “EPSILON NET S.A.” and “SPACE HELLAS S.A.” on the execution of a sale and purchase agreement for the SINGULAR LOGIC shares.

EPSILON NET S.A. and SPACE HELLAS S.A. will participate in the relevant discussions in a cooperative way in order to conclude the above agreement and will inform on time and in an accurate way the stock exchange authorities and the investment community on the relevant progress.