Transfer of Epsilon SingularLogic shares

EPSILON NET S.A., implementιng the strategic plan for SingularLogic, (as announced on 01.03.2021 from EPSILON NET S.A. and SPACE HELLAS S.A.), informs investors, that on 29.06.2021, transferred to SPACE HELLAS S.A., 3,247,000 common shares of Epsilon SingularLogic, for a total amount of € 3,247,000.00.

After this transfer, the shareholders structure of the Beneficiary Company is as follows:
1) EPSILON NET S.A.:6,767,400 shares or 67.51% stake
2) SPACE HELLAS S.A. : 3,257,600 shares or 32.49% stake.

Epsilon SingularLogic is the arm in the sector of commercial applications for businesses and ERP after the transfer/contribution of all these activities according to the provisions of Law 4601/2019, in combination with Law 4172/2013 and Law 4548/2018., specifically the products Pylon Commercial, Pylon ERP, Pylon CRM, Pylon Shop, Pylon Auto Service, Pylon Auto & Moto Cube, Pylon Retail, Pylon Entry.

The activity in this business sector is based upon the significant advantages of the products of Epsilon Net, the level of services provided, and also the know-how of its working force. The competitive advantage of the products of the demerged sector is also, the connection with the other sectors of Epsilon Net, such as the products for accounting offices, HRM systems, Web solutions of platform Epsilon Smart, products for the Hospitality sector and the e-invoicing solutions with Epsilon Digital. Digital, the authorized e-invoicing platform from AADE.

The completion of this specific transaction proves the strong cooperation between the two Groups (EPSILON NET and SPACE HELLAS) and is a milestone on the way for the creation of the biggest corporate scheme in the IT industry in Greece.