EPSILON NET: Certification by Greek IAPR of the solutions "EPSILON ALL in ONE" & presentation of the solution for the interconnection of digital cash register, invoicing software and ERP with POS

EPSILON NET Group, announces the completion of the certification process of the “EPSILON ALL in ONE” service by Greek IAPR (Independent Authority for Public Revenue) which will be the basis for the gradual distribution to businesses of an integrated range of ALL in ONE Cash Register/POS solutions that combines and interconnects:

  • Electronic Invoicing Applications or ERP systems
  • Services of the Group’s licensed Electronic Invoicing Provider (Epsilon Digital) which has now received upgraded certification in accordance with the requirements of C.N. A.1158/2023 &
  • Soft POS to accept payments via debit & credit cards


The “EPSILON ALL in ONE” family of solutions offers instant facilities for card payments, without the need for tax mechanisms, by integrating different options into one device, such as:

  • New type of digital cash register interconnected with POS & Electronic invoicing Provider easily and simply in one device
  • Integrated ERP solution with POS & Certified Electronic Invoicing Provider.


EPSILON NET Group’s goal is to offer its customers and Greek businesses, an easy-to-use set of digital cash register & POS or ERP & POS in order to adapt immediately, simply and safely to the new market data and the requirements of the legislation.


The “EPSILON ALL in ONE” solutions offer:

  • the enterprise the ability to issue retail receipts directly from its POS, without tax mechanism and with certified compatibility according to the specifications of the interconnection of cash registers with POS based on Decision IAPR 1155/2023.
  • issuance of wholesale invoices to businesses
  • issuance of service invoices
  • issuance and transmission, through the service of the Certified Provider, of invoices to the State and Public Organizations in accordance with the new requirements of tax legislation
  • all the above are issued and transmitted through the service of the Provider Epsilon Digital


At the same time, the following are ensured:

  • High level of technology & interoperability
  • Portability through hosting on any mobile Android device with NFC technology and/or card reader
  • Interconnection with the IAPR in accordance with the requirements of tax legislation
  • Automatic interconnection with external accounting office software or accounting software
  • Ability to interconnect with Loyalty Schemes
  • High level of support and tax compliance
  • Ability to operate off-line
  • Simple and easy to use operation with excellent support


“EPSILON ALL in ONE” can be financed 100% through the Voucher support from the “Digital Transactions” program of the Greek Information Society while at the same time, the enterprise can benefit from the multiple tax incentives provided by the legislation for the exclusive transmission of documents through a Certified Electronic Invoicing Provider.

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