EPSILON NET Group wins the 1st place in Best Workplaces for Women Hellas 2024!

EPSILON NET Group is delighted and proud to announce the acquisition of the1st place in Best Workplaces for Women Hellas 2024, the major institution for the recognition of the work environment for Women in Greece, following its participation in the annual research conducted by the “Great Place to Work Hellas” Organization.

In an era where the human development and the Corporate Social Responsibility are becoming crucial factors for the success of an Organization, the EPSILON NET Group continues to innovate, setting people and the value, each team member offers, as priorities. 46% of employees are women, with the prospect of increasing this percentage through the reinforcement of women participation in all areas of their activity. Moreover, with the 97% of employees confirming that there is fair treatment regardless of gender and the 44% of responsibility positions held by women, the Group proves its commitment to the gender equality and diversity.

This distinction constitutes a recognition of the Group’s efforts for the creation of a conducive work environment, where the equality and prosperity of all employees are recognized and encouraged. It confirms in the most possible way, that truly innovative ideas can be only succeed by a workplace, which encourages cooperation, teamwork, diligence, communication, trust, passion and dedication, applying those practices that ensure a qualitative and secure working environment for people. EPSILON NET Group promises to continue innovating in the promotion of gender equality and the creation of a work environment, which enables the success and evolution of all its employees.

Nasia Skountzou, Group Human Resources Director of the EPSILON NET Group, stated: «Our position at the top of Best Workplaces for Women Hellas 2024, reflects our dedication to the creation of a working environment, which promotes equity, diversity and the prosperity of all our members. Our goal for all the Group members is to feel safe regardless of their gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or ancestry. We focus on the power of cooperation and mutual support in order to face challenges, we also create an open-communication setting and ensure the required flexibility for work-life balance. We are committed to continuing to be among the top employers in Greece by developing a culture of tolerance, mutual respect and opinions exchange, which encourages the diversity in the work field.»

In case it does not appear, you can see our video on the Best Workplaces for Women Hellas 2024 here

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