Announcement of Regulated Information in accordance with the provisions of Greek Law 3556/2007

The Company under the tradename « EPSILON NET SOCIETE ANONYME FOR INFORMATICS, EDUCATION AND HIGH TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS » (the «Company»), in accordance with Law 3556/2007 (articles 9, 10, 14 and 21), announces that it was informed by the below persons on 10.05.2024, that the company under the trademark Ginger Digital BidCo Single Member S.Α., which is acting in concert with GASC MGP, LLC (parent company of General Atlantic Ginger B.V), Ioannis Michos and National Bank of Greece S.A. in the context of the mandatory takeover bid of 25.04.2024 for the acquisition of all the shares of the Company, acquired from 29.04.2024 until 02.05.2024, 1,711,530 common registered voting shares, which correspond to 3.16% of its total voting rights. Thus, the combined voting rights held by the above persons acting in concert exceeded the threshold of 3% compared to the previously reported position and amounted at the closing of the session of 02.05.2024, to 37,976,800 out of 54,200,000, representing 70.07% of the total voting rights of the Company.

The Offeror is a fully owned subsidiary of General Atlantic Ginger BV which in turn is 100% controlled by General Atlantic Coöperatief U.A. (acting through its board). The shareholders that hold the interest in General Atlantic Coöperatief U.A. as it relates to this transaction are General Atlantic Coöperatief L.P, General Atlantic Partners (Lux), SCSp and General Atlantic Partners (Bermuda) IV, L.P. General Atlantic Partners (Lux), SCSp’s general partner is General Atlantic GenPar (Lux) SCSp, whose general partner is General Atlantic (Lux) S.àr.l. General Atlantic Partners (Bermuda) IV, L.P.’s general partner and General Atlantic (Lux) S.àr.l’s sole shareholder is General Atlantic GenPar (Bermuda), L.P. GAP (Bermuda) L.P. is the ultimate general partner of General Atlantic Partners (Bermuda) IV, L.P, General Atlantic Partners (Lux), SCSp and General Atlantic Coöperatief L.P The general partner of GAP (Bermuda) L.P. is GAP (Bermuda) GP Limited. The sole shareholder of GAP (Bermuda) GP Limited is General Atlantic Partners, L.P. General Atlantic Partners L.P.’s general partner isGASC GP, LLC. The GA entities described herein are ultimately controlled and managed by the Partnership Committee of Delaware based GASC MGP, LLC. There is no individual with sole control of GASC MGP, LLC.