Announcement for the payment of Dividend

Pursuant to par. of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation, EPSILON NET SA announces that the Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders held on September 2, 2020 approved the distribution of the dividend for the fiscal year 2019, in favor of the Company’s shareholders of total amount € 348,694.80 or €0.026022 per share (gross dividend).

According to applicable tax provisions, the dividend amount is subject to withholding taxes of 5%, (excluding or varying the withholding rate for shareholders subject to special provisions) so therefore the shareholders will receive a net dividend payable of € 0.0247209 per share.

Ex-Dividend Date is Monday, October 12, 2020.

Record date is set for Tuesday, October 13, 2020, so beneficiaries’ shareholders of the above-mentioned dividend, are the registered shareholders of the Company in the files of the Intangible Assets System (DSS)

The starting date for dividend payment is Monday, October 19, 2020 and will be executed via Piraeus Bank. The payment will be made according to the procedure defined in the Athens Stock Exchange Regulations (article 5.5) as well as according to the more specific provisions of the Intangible Securities System Operating Regulations, as follows:

1. operators at DSS, to those shareholders who have authorized their operators to collect dividends.

2. in the International Bank Account Number (IBAN), where the eligible shareholder has stated that he wishes to receive the dividend in accordance with Article 13 of the DSS Rules of Operation, for the eligible shareholders who do not wish to receive them through the Their operators. It concerns only eligible shareholders who have declared IBAN to PIRAEUS bank

3. Through the network of PIRAEUS Bank, for those of the shareholders who have requested an exemption from their operator in the DSS. or have revoked the relevant authorization to their operator or have their shares in the Special Account of their Share.

For the payment of the dividend through the network of the paying bank, the beneficiary shareholder must present:

– Police Identity Card (ID) / VAT registration number

– A printing of data of the Investor Portion Code No. in DSS

In case the dividend is payed to a person legally authorized by the shareholder, in addition to the above information, the written authorization of the shareholder must be presented to PIRAEUS bank, certified as genuine by a Public Authority.

The payment of the dividend through Piraeus Bank will be possible until 31.12.2020.

Beyond the above date the cash dividend will be paid by the company’s offices, Parodos 17th November 87 – 555 34 – EMO Zone – Pylaia Thessaloniki

The dividend can be collected for a period of five (5) years in accordance with the relevant provisions, while after the lapse of five years the relevant amounts are statute-barred and fall definitively to the Greek State.

For further information, all the interested parties can contact the Investor Relations Department of the Company (tel. +30 211 5007000 (ext. 2928), 350 Syggrou Ave., 176 74, Kallithea, Mrs. Marina Mantzourani).