Constitution of the Board of Directors

EPSILON NET S.A. announces that on 30.06.2021, the Board of Directors met after its election during the Ordinary General Meeting on 30.06.2021 and constituted as follows:

1. Michos Ioannis of Nikolaos, Chairman, CEO, Executive Member,

2. Avdimiotis Spyridon of Konstantinos, Vice Chairman, Independent Non-Executive Member,

3. Anagnostou Vasiliki of Dimitrios, Deputy CEO, Executive Member,

4. Koutkoudakis Ioannis of Antonios, Executive Member,

5. Prassas Vasileios of Gavriil, Executive Member,

6. Michalopoulos Paschalis of Georgios, Executive Member,

7. Andreas Gribelas of Dimitrios, Executive Member,

8. Daskalopoulou Aikaterini of Georgios, Non-Executive Member,

9. Komninos Nikolaos of Zacharias, Independent Non-Executive Member and

10. Karabinas Eleftherios of Michail, Independent Non-Executive Member.


Thessaloniki, 30.06.2021

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