Announcement of the election of a new BoD member and Reconstitution of the BoD

EPSILON NET S.A. announces that with the decision of its Board of Directors dated 28/07/2023 and following a positive recommendation by the Remuneration and Nominations Committee, Mr. GEORGIOS MARINOS was elected as a new independent non-executive member of the Board of Directors in place of the resigned independent non-executive member of the BoD Mr. NIKOLAOS KOMNINOS for a term expiring until the next General Meeting in accordance with the provisions of article 9 par. 4 Law 4706/2020, after finding that the above elected person meets all the criteria of individual suitability based on the Company’s Suitability Policy, as well as the independence criteria of the provisions of article 4 of Law 3016/2002 and paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 9 of Law 4706/2020.


Mr. GEORGIOS MARINOS is Director of Digital Transformation at National Bank of Greece since 2017.Since 1993 he has been working in the banking sector (Housing Bank of Greece, Real Estate Bank, and National Bank) in roles related to IT projects and technological and operational modernization. At NBG, he has participated in various roles in all major IT projects undertaken by the Bank over the last 20 years. He is responsible, for the development and operation of the Bank’s digital and technological services, including internet and mobile banking applications and the Open Banking platform. From 1987 to 1993 he worked in the field of commercial software development developing solutions for large commercial companies in collaboration with the companies producing and distributing commercial software solutions of that time. He has studied at the School of Electrical Engineering of NTUA, while for 1997-2008 he was the head of the software development team of the Biomedical Technology Laboratory of NTUA, participating in many research and development projects.


Following the above replacement, the Board of Directors was reconstituted as follows:

  1. MICHOS IOANNIS, Chairman of the BoD and CEO, Executive Member
  2. MANIS PANTELEIMON, Vice-Chairman of the BoD, Independent Non-Executive Member
  3. ANAGNOSTOU VASSILIKI, Deputy CEO, Executive Member
  4. KOUTKOUDAKIS IOANNIS, Executive Member
  5. PRASSAS VASILEIOS, Executive Member
  7. GRIMBELAS ANDREAS, Executive Member
  9. KARAMPINAS ELEFTHERIOS, Independent Non-Executive Member
  10. MARINOS GEORGIOS, Independent Non-Executive Member


  Thessaloniki 31/07/2023