Announcement in accordance with the provisions of article 24 par. 2 (a) of Law 3461/2006

Epsilon Net S.A. (the “Company”) announces that according to article 24 par. 2 (a) of Law 3461/2006, the company Ginger Digital BidCo Single Member S.A. (the “Offeror”) declares that on 20.06.2024 acquired a total of 20,169 ordinary registered shares of the company Epsilon Net S.A. (the “Company”), which correspond to 0.04% of the Company’s voting rights, against a price of EUR 12.00 per share through stock transactions, which will be settled on 25.06.2024.

Taking into consideration the above stock exchange transactions-acquisitions, the Offeror, together with the Persons Acting in Concert (as defined in article 2(e) of Law 3461/2006), hold until 20.06.2024, a percentage of voting rights equal to 78.26% of the Company.