Andreas Gribelas of Dimitrios

Mr. Gribelas Andreas of Dimitrios is Epsilon Net’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Mr. Gribelas has many years of experience in software design and implementation for SME, ERP, Retail, CRM applications etc. in large companies of the IT industry in Greece. He served as the Software Platforms Unit Manager in the company SingularLogic, where he designed the Galaxy platform. Furthermore, he served as Technical Director in the company Advice, whereas for multiple years he was Platform Manager and R&D Developer in the company Unisoft, where he participated in the design and implementation of the Atlantis ERP and the ΚΕΦΑΛΑΙΟ/3 product.

He joined Epsilon Net in 2013 and he assumed the design and implementation of the new application platform, PYLON.

He is a member of the B.o.D. of the Company since November 2014.