Epsilon Net’s free Workshop on myDATA & e-invoicing, with Konstantinos Niforopoulos, was successfully completed receiving a warm response

More than 4,000 participants trusted Epsilon Net for their updating


On Tuesday, 22/2/2022, the free online Workshop organized by Epsilon Net Group for Small-Medium Businesses, Freelancers and Accountants, regarding the Electronic Books (myDATA) of IAPR, was completed with great response. Once again, more than 4,000 participants trusted Epsilon Net to update them on their way to digital transformation.

Mr. Konstantinos Niforopoulos, Certified Auditor/ Accountant, gave complete answers on the burning issues of the Mandatory Income Transmission until March 31st for 2021 and the Mandatory Income-Expense Transmission for 2022, while he interpreted all the key issues regarding Electronic Invoicing:

  • Definition of E-books and of what is recorded (transmitted) in e-books
  • How are summary” and “classification” transmitted?
  • “Cash Registers / ETR” and interface with “esend” and “myDATA”
  • “Transfer / Registration Certification” – “Unique Registration Number (M.A.R.K.)”
  • Exempt entities and Entities with reduced liabilities
  • Failure of transmission – control procedure, sanctions, liabilities of counterparties
  • Tax Returns and Check through “myDATA” and much more.

In addition, Mr. Niforopoulos answered in real-time more than 200 questions of participants with clarity and concrete examples. Further questions will be answered by the Scientific Team of Epsilon Net in the financial portal e-forologia.

During the workshop, a detailed presentation of Epsilon Smart, the web application for electronic invoicing for small-medium businesses and freelancers and its automatic connection with the business’s accountant took place. The Epsilon Smart application has already conquered all freelancers and small businesses, exceeding 70,000 installations.

Finally, there has been a presentation for automation capabilities in transmission, as well as in the classification of the documents in the myDATA platform contained in the Group’s applications for accounting offices (Extra – Hyper Accounting Management and Academia Financials). More useful tools and prints that help effectively the professional accountant – tax consultant were explained.

Epsilon Net Group supports all businesses through these demanding circumstances formed by the implementation of mandatory electronic invoicing and renews its appointment with the public for more valid and free online workshops that will be scheduled in near future.

Watch the recorded conference by clicking here:
myDATA & Electronic Invoicing – with Konstantinos Niforopoulos